Cayton Excavation, Inc. has extensive experience in projects big and small. Our scope of work on a typical commercial project includes but is not limited to: demolition, site work, utility installation, building preparation, erosion control, retention/detention ponds, site grading, and asphalt paving and site concrete installation.

Here’s a brief description of just a few of our projects:

Red Lodge Track and Field

5.58 Acres
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  • Demolition of existing grass football field and gravel track.
  • 8700 Cubic yards of cut/fill and export
  • 57,500 square foot of track prep and installation
  • 80,542 square feet of field prep and synthetic turf installation
  • 3,248 lineal feet of concrete curb
  • 3.850 lineal feet of storm drain installation
  • Field event installation including long jump, pole vault, shot put, and discus

Lockwood High School

28.3 Acres
Project Scope Construction of a new High School, CTE & Maintenance Building, and Grandstands
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  • Demolition
  • 189,400 gross square feet of building prep
  • 335,000 square feet of asphalt parking lot
  • 99,000 square feet concrete sidewalk, drivable concrete, and approaches
  • 9,333 lineal feet of curb
  • Import and place over 50,000 ton of gravel
  • Install over 10,000 lineal feet of pipe ranging in size from 1 ½” poly to 18” Storm and 18” RCP

Add-ons awarded in conjunction with this project:

  • Widening of MT US HWY 87 E
  • Lockwood High School Softball Field

ExxonMobil Office/Lab

15.2 Acres
Project Scope Construction of a new Office and Laboratory for the ExxonMobil refinery.
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  • 28,425 square feet building prep
  • 34,500 cubic yards of cut/fill
  • 123,338 square feet of asphalt prep and installation
  • 18,980 square feet of concrete prep and installation
  • 4,168 lineal feet of curb installation
  • 4,068 lineal feet of utility installation
  • Culvert and pond installation

St. Francis Catholic School

Project Scope Construction of a new 47,000 square foot K-8 Catholic School
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  • 45,700 square feet building slab preparation
  • 65,878 square feet asphalt prep and installation
  • 22,992 square feet of concrete prep and installation
  • 181,334 square feet of final grading
  • 2,067 lineal feet of utility installation
  • Retention pond installation